Didier Borgel-Hansen was born and lives currentely in Paris. He is a double talented artist, he works as a Director and a Painter. As a film maker, he has been directing since he graduated from the Paris Audio-Visual Directing College. He started filming a friend music band pop promo. Directing commercials didn't take long. Multi-Awarded Director, he worked with Partizan, Wanda, Bandits and recently starting a collaboration with QUAD, Prodigious, Superette and Bollywood prod... making some aesthetic, emotional, or funny commercials for Samsung, Sony, Diesel, Nintendo, Mc Donald's, Coca-Cola, GMC...

He loves SFX as well as aesthetic and emotional comedy, beauty or action films, he feel confortable in many styles because whatever the film is, most of all he 's a storyteller. His work is influanced by his mixed culture, coming from a Danish mother, a father of Italian descent and a typically Parisian childhood. He's really got is own style that makes his work recognisable. As a painter, DBH loves to work on big sized canvas, making, as he calls, some modern "électro-pop" style paintings.





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