Didier Borgel-Hansen was born and currently lives in Paris. A gifted artist, he has worked and developed skills as both Director and Painter. He started directing immediately after graduating from the Paris Audio-Visual Directing College, which lead him to his first milestone: successfully directing a pop music band's promo clip. Subsequently, DBH started directing commercials and working for prestigious production companies such has Partizan, Wanda, Bandits, Prodigious, Superette, etc., creating aesthetic, emotional, or funny commercials for Samsung, Sony, Loréal, Diesel, Nintendo, Mc Donald's, Coca-Cola, GMC among others.

Multi-Award winning Director, he is fluent in VFX, SFX, art direction (on-set and post-production), and specializes in emotional comedy, beauty and action. He feels at home working with a large variety of genres, thanks to his gift and passion for storytelling. His work is influenced by his multicultural heritage: a Danish mother, a father with Italian roots and a Parisian childhood. This diversity helped to develop his unique style, making his work both recognizable and remarkable. As a painter, DBH loves to work on large canvases, designing what he calls "modern and électro-pop" style paintings.





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